The tActigon


The Tactigon board measures linear and angular motion through 3 axis gyroscopes and 3 axis accelerometers; an extra 3 axis magnetic sensor is included to provide more precision.
Tiny but extremely powerful, this board is able to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy, and thanks to its GROVE socket you can expand its capabilities!

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Microcontroller Frequency 32 MHz
Architecture 32 BIT
RAM 80 Kb
FLASH 512 Kb
Battery  3.7V Li-Ion – Rechargeable
IMU – 3 axis Accelerometer
– 3 axis Gyroscope
– 3 axis Magnetometer
Sensors – Temperature
– Pressure
Connectivity – Bluetooth Low Energy
– Micro USB
GPIO 8 MAX (4 shared with UARTs)
Expansion boards (GROVE) – SIGFOX (in development)
– LoRa (third party)
– GPS (third party)
Compatibility GROVE Sensors (4 pin connector with UART/GPIO)
Dimensions (mm) 46.9 x 15.2 x 5.5
Programming Language – Arduino
The Tactigon meets GPS
We test with the wearable application and three-dimensional gesture detection prototype device, by making the GPS receiver interact with the on-board IMU in order to improve position detection process.

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