the tActigon 

Wearable Arduino with 3D gesture control, motion capture, tracking and vibration measurement.
The Tactigon is the perfect link between a HUMAN or an OBJECT and the DIGITAL WORLD.

tActigon basic


The Tactigon board measures linear and angular motion through 3 axis gyroscopes and 3 axis accelerometers; an extra 3 axis magnetic sensor is included to provide more precision.
Tiny but extremely powerful, this board is able to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy, and thanks to its GROVE socket you can expand its capabilities!

tActigon sharp

Case + Board

T-SHARP is a ready-to-use case for different applications, both for industrial and consumer worlds. It can be placed anywhere (flat surfaces, buildings, pipes, machines, cars, bikes, motobikes).
This enclosure can protect your Tactigon board and also expansion communication boards – GPS, LoRa or Sigfox.
Any motion or vibration will be captured!

tactigon handband
tActigon skin

Handband + Board

T-SKIN is a hand accessory for gesture control and motion capture applications. T-SKIN is a thin band with a container to protect board and rechargeable battery while wearing it. The technology on board is tiny and light, and even with battery absolutely no heavy to wear.
The power of gesture control is directly on your hand!

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